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Grama Grass & Livestock: a grant story

Regenerating the land to produce food for their community is the main goal of Grama Grass and Livestock, a grass farming business that utilizes ruminant animals, specifically cattle, to improve soil health and boost forage capacity. Andy Breiter, owner of Grama Grass and Livestock, is himself an internship success story, as he began his career as an intern at the neighboring Golden Hoof Farm. 

San Luis Valley Tour, Part two: Water & Soil

Water was an important focus of our trip as it is a critical resource for agriculture. Part of the purpose of our visit to the San Luis Valley was to see irrigation projects and attend the Congreso de Acequias, an annual celebration of water, land, and community that shines a light on acequias as both irrigation ditches and forms of community self-governance. Throughout our visit, we were reminded that water plays an essential role in the communities of the Valley. 

2022 Legislative Session Sends $20M to Colorado Agriculture

Colorado’s 2022 legislative session saw the most bills introduced (717) in the past five years and the fewest bills passed (275) during a regular session since at least 2010. Yet from this relatively small number of bills, the Colorado Department of Agriculture will see significant impacts on our budget and our ability to support our state’s agricultural communities. 

Cyber Attacks on Food & Ag Businesses Increasing

The Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) is warning ag producers about cyber threats facing the food and agriculture sector. 

As the state agency in charge of assessing and sharing threat-related information, the CAIC is cautioning those in the Food and Agriculture sector to review their systems for any potential vulnerabilities. Businesses that rely on technology-based solutions, such as precision agriculture or automated production processes, are especially vulnerable.