Jojo's Sriracha: A Grant Story

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Jolene Collins of Jojo’s Sriracha made a big leap of faith when she decided to move her specialty sriracha processing operation from Denver to Pueblo. Making the most authentic, delicious, local sriracha meant living and working only a few miles away from where her main ingredient, the legendary Pueblo chile, is grown.

Jojo's Sriracha kitchen

As demand for this wholly local product grew, so did the need for maximum efficiency machinery, which her Move the Needle grant through Colorado Proud’s stimulus funds program enabled her to purchase. Now with her “blixen,” a large capacity blender and masher, entirely revolutionizing their processing capabilities, Jojo’s Sriracha shares her community’s pride in the Pueblo chile with her neighbors and multiple customers from across the state quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, Jojo’s Sriracha is a proud supporter of the Pueblo Food Project, helping other entrepreneurs with the ins and outs of small business management. 

“‘No farmers, no food.’ I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I think the pandemic helped the public to understand the realities of the food supply. We need to prioritize the importance of our farmers and also that water, going to the people who are growing our food.” Jolene Collins, Owner and Operator of JoJo’s Sriracha 

Local Pueblo chiles used to create Jojo’s Sriracha


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