Agricultural Water Quality

The Agricultural Water Quality Program protects state waters and the environment from impairment or degradation due to the improper use of agricultural chemicals while allowing for their proper and correct use.

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View the Laws governing this program. Refer to Title 25, Article 8.
View the Rules governing the bulk storage of pesticides and fertilizers in Colorado. Refer to 8 CCR 1206-1

Agricultural Chemical Facility Information

Pesticides and Fertilizers Brochure  

Plans for Small to Medium-sized Ag Chemical Bulk Storage & Mix/Load Facilities  

Rules Summary for Bulk Storage Facilities  

Program Reports (2011 - Present)

2020 Monitoring Report & Executive Summary  

2019 Monitoring Report Summary  

2018 Monitoring Report Executive Summary  

2018 Monitoring Monitoring Activity Full Report  

2017 Monitoring Report Executive Summary  

2017 Monitoring Monitoring Activity Full Report  

2016 Monitoring Report Executive Summary  

2016 Monitoring Monitoring Activity Full Report  

2015 Summary of Monitoring Activity  

2015 Agrichemical Contamination Investigation Springfield, Co  

2014 Summary of Monitoring Activity  

2013 Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater Protection in Colorado  

2013 Summary of Monitoring Activity  

2012 Summary of Monitoring Activity  

Program Reports (2001 - 2010)

2010 Arkansas Valley Factsheet  

2010 Front Range Urban Factsheet  

2010 Lower South Platte Factsheet  

2010 Weld County Long Term Factsheet  

2009 San Luis Valley Factsheet  

2009 Weld County Factsheet  

2009 Western Slope Tri-Rivers Factsheet  

2008 Annual Report  

2007 Annual Report  

2006 Annual Report  

2005 Annual Report  

2004 Annual Report  

2003 Annual Report  

2002 Annual Report  

2001 Annual Report  

Program Reports (1990 - 2000)

2000 Annual Report  

1999 Annual Report  

1998 Annual Report  

1998 Western Slope  

1997-1998 High Plains Ogallala Aquifer  

1997 Annual Report  

1997 Economic Considerations of Pest Management  

1996 Annual Report  

1996 Front Range Urban Corridor  

1995 Annual Report  

1994-1995 Arkansas River Valley  

1994 Annual Report  

1993 Annual Report  

1992-1993 South Platte River Alluvial Aquifer  

1992 Annual Report  

1991 Annual Report  

1990 Annual Report  

Program Guidance Documents

Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater Protection in Colorado (2013)  

Quality Assurance Program Plan  

Field SOP Manual  

Calibration Procedure and Log  

Long-Term Monitoring Plan (2019-2029)   

Program Monitoring Strategy (2007 - 2017)  

Aquifer Sensitivity to Pesticides (1998)  

CSU Water Quality Best Management Practices