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Growing with the Flow: CDA visits an aquaculture facility

On September 25th staff from CDA, USDA and the Colorado Attorney General's Office toured an aquaculture facility to learn more about Colorado’s aquaculture industry. The team was able to learn how fish are grown and stocked, the differences in water sources, regulatory considerations, and fish health and veterinary medicine considerations. Learning more about aquaculture will help CDA and USDA to better support the needs of the industry. 

Day in the life of: Veterinary Social Worker

In the past, animal mistreatment and neglect or abuse of people were usually perceived as two separate issues. More recently, an increasing amount of research has shown a direct link between human and animal mistreatment. Professionals in animal law enforcement and human social work have found that difficult life circumstances and mental health life challenges are at the root of many of these linked cases. 

Resilient agriculture starts with resilient people

Article #2 in our Summer Wrap Up Series focuses on the resilience our people bring to the land

Once a decade, give or take a few years, Colorado has the opportunity to host the annual Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture (WASDA) conference.

Held in Denver this year, WASDA 2023 offered the opportunity to try something a little different as the Colorado Department of Agriculture works towards our long term departmental goal of supporting the next generation of agriculture.