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South Platte River update

Recently, the Governor of Nebraska announced a funding initiative to pursue a $500 million canal project to divert water from the South Platte River in Colorado. CDA has been in close contact with the Department of Natural Resources and the State Engineer’s Office, which has a strong understanding of the South Platte River Compact. 

CDA, FSA, CSU Extension Host Digital Town Hall for Agriculture Affected by Marshall Fire

The Marshall Fire damaged or destroyed over a thousand homes and businesses in Boulder County, when it burned over 6,000 acres of land. In addition to tightly packed urban residences, this geographic region also includes small ranches, backyard horses and livestock, as well as open space and grazing with commercial livestock. 

Commissioner Greenberg's tour of Northeastern Colorado

In late October I had the opportunity to spend multiple days touring farms, ranches, and other ag operations across northeast Colorado. As Commissioner of Agriculture, meeting producers across our state is not only one of my favorite parts of the job, but one of the most important. It is critical for me to continue listening and learning from those whose lives revolve around agriculture, and that is precisely what this trip offered.   

Worried about Murder Hornets? You're likely safe in Colorado

If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in hornets near where you live, you may wonder whether any of these are part of the Vespa mandarinia species of now named Northern Giant Hornet (formerly known as Asian Giant Hornet). These hornets have recently garnered a lot of attention in the media, resulting in increased reports of potential sightings coming in from across Colorado.

Here are the facts about Northern Giant Hornets: