Farm Products

The Farm Products Program protects agricultural producers by regulating businesses that purchase and store agriculture products. This is achieved through:

  • Licensing and bonding buyers
  • Auditing and inspecting licensed dealers for financial soundness
  • Investigating producer/consumer complaints

Leif Jacobsen

Program Administrator


Laws and Regulations

Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado Revised Statutes are made available for public use by the Committee on Legal Services of the Colorado General Assembly through a contractual arrangement with the LexisNexis Group. Any person wishing to reprint and distribute all or a substantial part of the statutes in either printed or electronic format must obtain prior permission of the Committee on Legal Services; permission is not required to reprint fewer than 200 sections of C.R.S. (please see §2-5-118, C.R.S.).

The Lexis Nexis website is the only official source of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Instructions on using Lexis Nexis

Title 35, Article 36, Section 101-125: Commodity Warehouses 

Title 35, Article 37, Section 101-122: Farm Products



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Leif Jacobsen
Program Administrator
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