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Nursery Program Registration

Who needs to register?

Anyone who sells or advertises with the intent to sell nursery stock in the state of Colorado must be registered.

There are several categories of registration:

"Collector": Any person who collects nursery stock from native growing habitat and sells it.

“Landscape contractor”: A person who provides nursery stock for compensation or value as part of a site development or landscaping service.

“Nursery”: Any grounds or premises on or in which nursery stock is propagated, held, or grown for sale purposes. Includes growing nurseries, nursery dealers and retail nurseries.

“Sod Grower”: Any person who grows and sells turfgrass sod.

Application for Nursery Registration  (Application can be completed as a fillable PDF. Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.)

Once you have completed and signed your application, please send it via email with the Subject: Electronic Application and be sure to include your contact number and preferred method of payment (see below). 

If you need help, email the Nursery program.

Not sure how to electronically sign a PDF? Read these instructions on how to sign your document electronically.

Preferred method of payment is electronic: electronic check or card.

Electronic payments and applications can be processed much more quickly than paper which, in the current environment, are likely to experience a very significant delay.

Payment Options: Electronic check or card. We will need the information on the Payment Form. Please have this ready when you call, and to keep your information safe, don't email it to us. .

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Why is there a Nursery Law?

C.R.S. Title 35 Article 26 is “The Colorado Nursery Act”. The purpose of the Nursery Act is to regulate the sale and distribution of plants, defined as ‘nursery stock’, to provide consumer, environment and industry protection. Nursery law dictates that plants sold must meet minimum standards addressing pest, disease, weed freedom and plant quality standards that will enhance survivability in the landscape.

The majority of plants that we utilize in our ornamental landscapes are traded nationally and internationally. The risk of introduction of foreign plant pathogens and insects on these plants is high.

The Colorado State Legislature declares (35-26-101.5):

  1. The general assembly hereby finds and determines that nursery stock can harbor plant pests and diseases and operate as a disease vector. Unregulated production and shipping or nursery stock present an unacceptable risk to the state’s agricultural, forestry and horticultural interests and to the state’s general environmental quality.
  2. Therefore, the general assembly hereby declares that it is necessary to ensure that nurseries produce healthy plants and that nursery stock shipped to other nurseries, brokers, or out-of-state customers meets the national nursery stock cleanliness standard.

What is Nursery Stock?

Nursery stock is defined in Colorado Statute (35-26-102 (14)) as:

  • A) Any hardy plant or herbaceous or woody plant that
    • I) Survives Colorado winters; and
    • II) Is grown, collected or kept for sale or distribution, including the following:
      • A deciduous or evergreen tree
      • A shrub
      • A woody vine
      • Turfgrass sod and Ornamental Grasses
  • B) Any nonhardy plant or plant part to be distributed in another state that requires plant inspection and certification before being transferred into the state.

Who must register with the Colorado Department of Agriculture to sell or distribute nursery stock?

To regulate plant quality, those that sell or distribute nursery stock for commercial purposes must register as a “Nursery” with the CDA. All growing nurseries (includes sod farms), retailers that sell nursery stock, landscape contractors, brokers, and collectors must register if selling or distributing nursery stock for commercial purposes. Each of these registration categories is defined in the statute.