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Alternative Livestock (Captive Cervids)

In cooperation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Alternative Livestock Health Program tracks chronic wasting disease (CWD) and tuberculosis (TB) in captive elk and fallow deer.  Program staff also grants approvals and issues permits to allow for both in-state and import movement of alternative livestock.

Regulations Pertaining to Alternative Livestock Health:

Meningeal Worm

Meningeal worm, or brain worm, is a parasite causing neurologic disease in wild and domesticated ungulates. Learn more about its causes and transmission here.

Animal Movement

All movements of alternative livestock must be approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  Please call 303-869-9133 for more information.  

Elk in Colorado landscape

Photo by Meredith Fontana from Unsplash

CWD Sample Collection

Watch the webinar on Alternative Livestock Health, which includes a virtual training on how to collect samples for CWD testing.

Please Note: It is best to submit fresh (not frozen and not submerged in preservative) tissue samples in order for the lab to conduct accurate DNA testing. For packing materials and information on how to submit fresh samples, please contact the CSU Diagnostic Lab at 970-297-4168. 

USDA CWD Sample Collection Guidance

CWD Sample Collection Submission Form

CWD Sample Submission Waiver Application


  • Please completely fill out the sample submission form
  • Samples submitted in jars filled with preservative must have animal ID information on the jar
  • Fresh (not frozen or submitted in preservative) must be in separate whirl paks

To order sample submission kits, or if you have questions for the CSU Diagnostic Lab, please call 970-297-4168 or email

External Websites

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Elk Breeders Association
Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
North American Elk Breeders Association

Additional Information

For questions about inventories, fencing requirements, etc., please call the CDA Brands Division at 303-869-9160.  Additional information regarding licensing a new facility can be found here.