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Early Detection Rapid Response

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) can stop the spread of new and emerging invasive plant species before they become established. It is one of the most cost-effective and ecologically viable methods for controlling invasive weeds and is well worth the effort to protect Colorado's natural and agricultural resources. This program's success depends on the participation from as many trained eyes as possible. That is why your help is needed to look out for and report new and emerging invasive species.


We are Reprinting  the Noxious Weed Door Hangers

Please contact our EDRR Specialist, Emily McGrath for more info!

Forms & Publications

EDRR Framework & Strategic Plan for Colorado  
In June 2016, the Noxious Weed Program staff, along with a team of weed professionals, finalized the new EDRR Framework & Strategic Plan for the state. This document provides goals and objectives for EDRR in Colorado and will be adjusted as those goals are met.

Plant of Concern
Do you have a plant that is not on any of our Noxious Weed Lists that you would like to bring to our attention? If so, please fill out this Plants of Concern form.

Weed Spotter
Have you found an infestation of one of our listed species (including Watch List species)? If so, please fill out an EDDMapS report to provide us with detailed infestation and location information (please include photos, as they will help us confirm the species ID).

Voucher Specimen Instructions   
Use these forms for verification and entry into the state database if identified as a Watch List species.

Noxious Weed Door Hangers                                                                                                                                                                       Please contact the EDRR Specialist, Emily McGrath

August 2, 2023 Aquatic & Semi-Aquatic Invasives Control Training 

Workshop on purple loosestrife, hairy willow-herb, yellow flag iris and other semi-aquatic and aquatic species (identification, biology, control methods, and mapping) presented by Emily McGrath of the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Robert Walters of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Agosto 2, 2023 Capacitación en control de invasoras acuáticas y semiacuáticas

Taller sobre salicaria púrpura, sauce peludo, lirio bandera amarilla y otras especies acuáticas y semiacuáticas (identificación, biología, métodos de control y mapeo) presentado por Emily McGrath del Departamento de Agricultura de Colorado y Robert Walters de Parques y Vida Silvestre de Colorado