ACRE3 Program

The ACRE3 program promotes the development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for Colorado’s agricultural producers and processors under the direction of the Colorado Agricultural Value-Added Development Board.

Our Mission:
As Colorado’s principal source of state-level support for agricultural energy management, the ACRE3 program provides financial and technical assistance and education to help agricultural producers and processors cut energy costs, develop their own energy resources, and create markets for agriculturally-derived energy and fuels.

Our Vision:
Energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies are broadly utilized as effective strategies to make Colorado’s agricultural businesses more economically competitive and sustainable.

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Current Projects

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has identified the following three priorities based on our assessment of statewide opportunities, potential impacts, and the need for ACRE3 program services. Agricultural HydropowerEnergy Efficiency, and Renewable Heating & Cooling make up our current portfolio of program services.

Past Projects

The Colorado Department of Agriculture's ACRE3program has been helping Colorado's farmers and ranchers develop their own energy resources statewide through a variety of renewable energy technologies since 2007. View Past Projects.