Colorado Department of Agriculture Priorities
Photo by Jamie Johnston, "Bad Boys"; Best In Show Photography Contest 2022 Grand Prize Winner

CDA Priorities

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has four main priorities that move the needle for agriculture, support the Governor's initiatives, and require special attention from CDA in the next few years to accomplish. 

These goals reflect only a subset of high-priority Department goals. Day-to-day, CDA continues to engage in our full range of regulatory and program work as well as operational priorities to support all Colorado agriculture.

Learn more about the programs CDA runs that support each of the priorities listed below by clicking on each priority.


For additional details on the Department's goals, please see CDA's Performance Plan or visit the Governor's Dashboard.  

CDA Priorities: 1. Building Economic & Supply Chain Resilience 2. Advancing Voluntary Stewardship 3. Supporting Future Generations of Agriculturalists 4. Advancing  Animal Health and Welfare