Perennial Sweet Pea


(Lathyrus latifolius)

  • Herbaceous perennial vine that can climb up to 9 feet high
  • In the pea family (Fabaceae
  • Reproduces by seed and rhizome
  • Leaves are oval, alternate and hairless with 2 leaflets on 2-inch-long winged petioles
  • Branched tendrils occur between leaflets
  • Flowers range in color from white to bright pink and bloom June-August
  • Pea pods are long and smooth with 10-15 seeds that are quite poisonous
  • Native of the Mediterranean (northern Africa and southern Europe)
  • Tolerates some shade, but does best in full sun where temperatures do not fall below 50°F during the growing season


Known Distribution

There are few occurrences of this species documented in Colorado. View the known North American Distribution Map. If you are aware of infestations that are not represented, please report your sighting. Register for an EDDMapS account, then select "Report Sightings". Please include photos with your submissions.