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Import Requirements


Animal Import Requirements

What are the rules to move animals into Colorado?


If your country is not listed please call your local USDA Area Office.

I live in Colorado and need to know the rules to move animals within Colorado.

To obtain an import permit you can use the Online Permitting System website, or call 303.869.9130 during business hours


Some import requirements may be waived if cattle are moving to a Colorado Approved Tagging Site or a Colorado Approved Feedlot.

An “Approved Tagging Site” is a premise, authorized by APHIS, state, or tribal animal health officials, where livestock may be officially identified on behalf of their owner or the person in possession, care, or control of the animals when they are brought to the premises. See 9 CFR 86.1.

A “Colorado Approved Feedlot” is a confined feedlot area approved and recorded by the State Veterinarian or his or her authorized agent. The approved feedlot shall be maintained for growing and/or finish-feeding of animals in dry lot with no provisions for pasturing or grazing. Animals leaving such a feedlot must move directly to slaughter or to another Colorado Approved Feedlot and must be accompanied by a current brand inspection certificate where and when applicable. See 8 CCR 1201-19, Part 1.1.6.

Obtaining an entry permit
  1. Veterinarians can use the Online Permitting System (OPS) for obtaining livestock entry permits. More information about OPS can be found on the OPS Resource Page.
  2. Livestock entry permits can also be obtained by calling the Colorado State Veterinarian's Office at (303) 869-9130.

The Colorado State Veterinarian's Office business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (Mountain Standard Time) 

If Moving Livestock To Another State, Know The Regulations For The Destination State

Check this contact list for the destination's State Veterinarian's Office to acquire more information on each states animal transport regulation or visit the USDA Website for additional information and international animal transport regulations.