Contact Animal Health

State Veterinarian: Keith Roehr
Assistant State Veterinarian: Maggie Baldwin

Colorado Department of Agriculture
Animal Health Division
305 Interlocken Parkway
Broomfield, CO 80021

Phone:(303) 869-9130
Fax:(303) 466-8515
Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm
Colorado Department of Agriculture Animal Health Laboratory
300 S. Technology Ct.
Broomfield, CO 80021
Phone:(303) 869-9230
Fax:(303) 869-9232
Lab Manager:Tiffany Brigner
Phone:(303) 869-9232
Agriculture Wildlife Liaison:Wayne East
Phone:(303) 869-9149
Bureau of Animal Protection
Primary Contact:Libby Henits
Title:Bureau of Animal Protection Program Manager
Phone:(303) 869-9145
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Animal Incident Management Specialist:Dave Dice
Phone:(303) 869-9148
Import Requirements
Animal Entry Permit Line: (303) 869-9130
Exotic Animal and Elk : (303) 869-9130
Rodent and Predator Control
Primary Contact:Wayne East
Phone:(303) 869-9149
Traceability Veterinarian: Joe Menicucci
Phone: (303)-869-9141
Traceability Program Specialist:Kurt Ashmore
Phone:(303) 869-9136
Livestock Health
Primary Contact:Carl Heckendorf, DVM
Title:Program Manager
Phone:(303) 869-91