Community Food Access Program

The Community Food Access Program was established in spring of 2022 in House Bill 1380 “to improve access to and lower prices for healthy foods in low-income and underserved areas of the state by supporting small food retailers."

The program includes a Community Food Consortium for small food retailers and Colorado-owned and Colorado-operated farms as well as the Small Food Business Recovery and Resilience grant program.

In 2023, the Community Food Access program was expanded to include refundable tax credits for small food retailers and small family farms who make equipment purchases or incur delivery or distribution fees to increase access to healthy food in low income and underserved areas of Colorado.

The Community Food Access Program is funded by State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.

Colorado Peaches at a farmers market stand in Grand Junction, Colorado


The second round of Community Food Access Grants is now open. Visit the Grant Page to apply

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Mickey Davis, Program Manager
Email: mickey.davis@state.co.us
Phone: 303.653.0654

Adonai Cuevas-Lopez, Grants Specialist
Fluent in English and Spanish
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