CEC Workshops for Qualified Supervisors and Certified Operators

As a result of COVID-19 virus in Colorado,  the Colorado Department of Agriculture has been approving a variety of course formats to meet applicator Continuing Education needs.

To ensure the availability of CE credits to renew your license, the Department has identified and approved several Workshop providers who can provide CEC workshops remotely through webinars and online courses. You may contact the providers at the link below (in the red box). If you have any questions please contact the Department at commercialapplicator@state.co.us or 303-869-9063.

CEC Workshops

The workshops (by month) below have been approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for continuing education credit to renew your license as a qualified supervisor, certified operator or private applicator.





Additional workshops are offered for various dates, as needed (scheduled with provider), or online. Please be aware these courses expire 6/30 of this year and a new various list will be available July 1st.

General Information

  • Approved continuing education credits, registration fees, and procedures vary with each workshop. If you wish further information on these workshop(s), including registration information, be sure to call the individuals listed under CONTACT prior to the workshop date.
  • The program for the workshop(s) should be reviewed carefully to make sure the material is applicable to your categories and your continuing education credit needs. If it is not, you should consider attending a workshop that is.
  • Seating may be limited and pre-registration may be required!
  • Please check the expiration date of your current certified operator/qualified supervisor's license. If your license has expired you will not receive continuing education credits for workshops attended.
  • Accumulating the required continuing education credits does not automatically renew your license. In addition to accumulating the required continuing education credits, you must submit a renewal application and the $100.00 license renewal fee for QS and CO and $75 for PA in order to renew your license. If you have any questions regarding your certified operator/qualified supervisor, or Private Applicator license, contact the Division of Plant Industry office at (303) 869-9050.
  • The Pesticide Applicators' Act requires that any licensee's information change including address changes must be submitted to the department within fifteen (15) days of such changes.

Workshop Providers

Required CECs for License Renewal

In order to renew a license without examination, each qualified supervisor, certified operator, and Private Applicator shall obtain the following credits prior to the expiration of the license:

  • 2 credits in the subject area of applicable State, Federal, and Local Laws and Regulations
  • 1 credit in the subject area of Pesticides and Their Families
  • 1 credit in the subject area of Applicator Safety
  • 1 credit in the subject area of Public Safety
  • 1 credit in the subject area of Environmental Protection
  • 1 credit in the subject area of Use of Pesticides
  • 1 credit for each licensed category in the subject area of Pest Management except for Turf Pest Control, Ornamental Pest Control, & Residential/Commercial Pest Control which requires 2 credits in the subject area of pest management (Applies to QS and CO's only).