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Matching Grants Program

Grant Program Purpose and Eligibility

  • open to all Colorado Conservation districts that are in "Good Standing" (meeting minimum standards as required by state statute and the CSCB [set forth on the APW])
  • to help them implement private lands on-the-ground conservation projects and educational conservation activities
  • provides matching state funds towards the costs of such projects and activities within each district
  • the district and their partners provide the other funding – half of the state award must be matched with hard cash (see the Application Guidelines for details)

The grant is competitive and a committee of government and private conservation experts score the applications based on:

  • focused approach with measurable outcomes
  • conservation impact
  • feasibility
  • district involvement
  • partner involvement

Application & Operational Materials

Application & Materials are available on the District Operations site.


2022 Matching Grants Funded Districts

Agate $17,000 Rangeland Health
Bent $25,000 Rangeland Health, Soil Conservation
Branson-Trinchera $25,000 Rangeland Health
Colorado First $25,000 Rangeland Health, Wildlife Habitat
Debeque-Plateau Valley $25,000 Water Quantity and Quantity
Double El $8,000 Soil Conservation
Double El $17,000 Rangeland Health
Dove Creek $8,535 Education
East Otero $25,000 Water Quantity and Quantity
El Paso $1,550 Education
Fort Collins $20,000 Education
Fremont $3,250 Education
Haxtun $5,000 Education
High Desert $25,000 Education
Jefferson $25,000 Invasive Species Management
Mancos $25,000 Water Quantity and Quantity
Middle Park $25,000 Forest Health
Olney-Boone $25,000 Rangeland Health
San Juan $25,000 Water Quantity and Quantity, Forest Health, Rangeland Health
Shavano $10,092 Water Quantity and Quantity
Spanish Peaks $25,000 Rangeland Health
Teller-Park $10,000 Invasive Species Management, Education
Upper Arkansas $25,000 Water Quantity and Quantity
West Otero-Timpas $12,500 Soil Conservation
West Otero-Timpas $12,500 Water Quantity and Quantity
Yuma $9,602 Soil Conservation, Wildlife Habitat