Hemp Background Checks


The only criminal history record(s) that will effect the ability to register with the CDA Hemp Program are drug related felonies charged in the 10 years preceding your application.  

You have two types of contacts on your application: Key Participants and Additional Contacts. You will identify each person listed on your applications as a contact as either of those categories. Identifying Key Participants accurately is required by law. Be mindful with this step.  

Key Participant as defined by Rule (Criminal History Check required): A sole proprietor, a partner in a  partnership, member of an LLC, or a person with executive managerial control in a corporation OR  

Additional Contact(s) (No Criminal History Check required): “Key participant” does not include non-executive managers or staff such as farm, field, or shift managers, office staff.

Applications will now be 2-step process due to the Intent to Apply requirement.  PLAN AHEAD and allow for time to be fingerprinted. This will add to processing  times.

  • Step 1: Applicants will complete an application leaving the Criminal History Check date field blank. Application status will show “Awaiting Criminal History Check”. It will not be reviewed by CDA Staff until ALL Key Participant Criminal History Check info is entered. 
  • Step 2: After completing Step 1, all Key Participants on your Hemp registration will need to have a fingerprinted background check performed. Once all Key Participants have been fingerprinted then  return to the application. Select “Edit the contact” and enter the date that each Key Participant(s)’  fingerprinting was performed. Then, you will be able enter your payment and submit your completed  application. Your status will now show "CDA Reviewing" 
    *Key Participants with a background check on file from a previous Registration will enter the registration  number for which the background check was submitted, instead of completing a new background check.  

Please view the Background Check Information packet below and provide a copy to all Key Participants for specific guidance on how and where to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints completed, as well as the Unique ID Code for CDA that you will need to provide the vendor before you can schedule an appointment.  

Criminal History Check Exemption 

The exemption applies to a person who was lawfully growing hemp under section 7606 of the Agricultural Act  of 2014 (7 U.S.C. 5940) before December 20, 2018, and whose conviction also occurred before that date.  You must STILL have a Criminal Check Check performed.  

The exemption means that if you were registered with CDA to grow hemp in Colorado between 2014 and Dec 20, 2018, and your Drug Related Felony occurred prior to December 20, 2018, then you are exempt from this blocking your ability to join the program. But you are NOT exempt from having the Criminal History Check done as we still need to review the report to confirm this information.