Advancing Animal Health and Welfare

Two horses, one black and one brown, their faces up close.

Coloradans care deeply about the health and welfare of all animals in the state, including livestock and companion animals. CDA is working to ensure animal well-being by preparing for foreign animal diseases, helping enforce Colorado's animal welfare laws, and helping provide educational resources to prevent animal neglect and mistreatment.

The global nature of agriculture means Colorado must take proactive measures to prevent the introduction and spread of foreign animal diseases. By enhancing response systems, conducting risk assessments, and collaborating with producers and other regulatory agencies, CDA's Animal Health team works to safeguard the livestock industry from potentially devastating outbreaks. 

The Department's Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) supports law enforcement in responding to animal neglect or mistreatment. Part of the BAP's focus has been to provide comprehensive support to law enforcement through workshops, training, and seminars that enhance their understanding of animal welfare laws providing technical and logistical support in conducting investigations. Law enforcement agencies can also sign up for workshops that include hands-on demonstrations of how to score the body condition of farm animals.