BAP guiding principles

Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) program staff developed seven guiding principles for the BAP program as part of a strategic planning process undertaken in Spring 2022.

These guiding principles establish the program’s core values and serve to guide decision-making as it relates to the Bureau of Animal Protection’s (BAP) mission. Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) staff use these principles when investigating cases, establishing and improving procedures, conducting outreach and education, identifying opportunities, and developing and implementing the Strategic Plan as follows:

  1. Empower communities and stakeholders to recognize, report, prevent, and address animal neglect and mistreatment.
  2. Collaborate with Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) agents, local law enforcement, prosecuting authorities including district, county, and city attorneys, and partners in the agriculture and animal welfare community.
  3. Recognize and promote excellent animal husbandry practices that are employed by Colorado livestock producers.
  4. Conduct investigations quickly, thoroughly, and with appropriate enforcement action, where necessary.
  5. Provide direct support and veterinary expertise to local law enforcement on cases involving animal neglect and mistreatment.
  6. Collect data and incorporate scientific methodology and findings to drive decision-making.
  7. Ensure transparency, clarity, and consistency in BAP actions.

A horse with a foal in the foreground
Photo by Zach Chapman