Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers


Pesticide Dealer Licensing

Any person who distributes any federal or state Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) to any other person must be licensed by Colorado Department of Agriculture as a pesticide dealer.

  • Each separate business location, including branch offices, and each separate business name must have a separate pesticide dealer license.
  • Federal and State RUP's are for sale or distribution only by licensed pesticide dealers and only to certified applicators.
    • RUP's may only be used by certified applicators
  • Licensed dealers must keep detailed records or each distribution of a federal or state RUP.

Businesses only selling pesticides that are NOT RUP's do not require a pesticide dealer license.

Colorado's State Restricted Use Pesticides

Any herbicide product that contains one or more of the following active ingredients is a Colorado State Restricted Use Pesticide.

  • Bromacil
  • Diuron
  • Monuron
  • Prometon
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Sodium Metaborate
  • Tebuthiuron

Restricted Use Pesticide Record-Keeping

Federal and state restricted use pesticides (RUP's) may only be distributed to licensed dealers, licensed applicators, or their authorized agents. RUP's can only be distributed under the license of a Private Applicator or Qualified Supervisor, and the licensed applicator must be licensed in the appropriate category to apply that pesticide.

  • Licensed pesticide dealers must maintain records of all distributions of a RUP, for 2 years. These records must include the following:
    • Name of the licensed applicator.
    • Name and address of the applicator's principal place of business.
    • The certification number, issuing entity, expiration date, and categories of the licensed applicator.
      • Or, for distributions to another RUP dealer, the pesticide dealer license number.
    • For the Pesticide Product, the product name, and EPA registration number.
    • The quantity of the pesticide.
    • Date of the transaction.

Also, for distributions via an authorized agent of the licensed applicator:

  • Name and address of an authorized agent.
  • A record of the applicator's license, showing categories.
  • A signed statement from the licensed applicator authorizing the agent to receive delivery of restricted use pesticides on behalf of that applicator.

Sample RUP Record-Keeping forms for Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers

Sample Authorization Agent Form for Licensed Pesticide Applicators

Any person distributing a state or federal restricted use pesticide in Colorado requires a pesticide dealer license

Licensing is on a calendar year basis, with a late fee collected for renewals after the first working day of January. If not renewed by February 1st, the license will be revoked and the dealer must apply for a new license.

New applications must be:

  • Downloaded
  • Filled in completely
  • Printed
  • Signed
  • Mailed to CDA

The application must be mailed with a check (for the $50.00 application fee) in U.S. Dollars. Please keep in mind it can take two to six weeks for processing. Please make certain you have read the downloadable instructions and understand the record-keeping requirements.

Application for Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License

Restricted Use Pesticide Record-Keeping

Renewals may be processed online, with the Colorado Department of Agriculture's web application AgLicense. Payments can be made with a Credit Card or E-Check. In most cases, the license will be renewed automatically once payment is accepted. Colorado's definition of "distribute" is very broad, and includes to advertise, offer for sale, or hold for sale.

If your license was not renewed by the first working day of January, you cannot advertise, offer to sell, hold for sale, or provide in any fashion any restricted use pesticide.

Renew Pesticide Dealer License Online

Pesticide Dealer Information Change Notification

Changes in dealer information: Please keep us updated with any change of dealer information.

  • Contact Information can be changed online at the AgLicense website.
  • Company Name, Entity, or Business Address Changes require submission of a change of information form. This can be submitted via email attachment or mailed in. Changes in dealer name, entity, or location may require that a new license issued.

State and Federal Restricted Use Pesticides

The United States Environmental Protection Agency designates certain pesticides as Restricted Use Only.

These are the products with the greatest risk to human health or the environment.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has the authority to designate State Restricted Use Pesticides. Any herbicide product that contains one or more of the following active ingredients is a Colorado State Restricted Use Pesticide. These were designated as state RUP's due to the potential for these long-residual herbicides to damage desirable plants when used by untrained applicators:

  • Bromacil
  • Diuron
  • Monuron
  • Prometon
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Sodium Metaborate
  • Tebuthiuron

Federal and State RUPs can only be distributed by licensed pesticide dealers to licensed applicators. Restricted Use Pesticides can only be used by licensed applicators.

Federal Restricted Use Pesticide List -- PDF Format

Federal Restricted Use Pesticide List -- Excel Format

State Restricted Use Pesticide List -- PDF Format

State Restricted Use Pesticide List -- Excel Format