Special Local Needs Registrations

Under the authority of §24(c) of FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), states may register an additional use of a federally registered pesticide product, or a new end-use product to meet special local needs.

EPA reviews these registrations and may disapprove the state registration if, among other things, the use is not covered by necessary tolerances, or the use has been previously denied, disapproved, suspended or canceled by the Administrator, or voluntarily canceled subsequent to a notice concerning health or environmental concerns.

  • An application for an SLN must come from the EPA registrant.
  • Any SLN use must fit within an existing tolerance.
  • A Colorado SLN label can only be used in Colorado.
  • Approved SLN labels are set to expire after five years. The SLN can be extended if the five-year review concludes that the special local need still exists.
  • CDA confers with CSU specialists in determining if an adequate special local need exists and whether the user will fit within an existing tolerance.
  • If a Special Local Need Registrations adds a use to a product already registered with CDA, it does not require a separate Colorado pesticide registration. None of Colorado's current SLN's have a separate state registration.

If you are a registrant that is considering applying for an SLN in Colorado, please consult the SLN guidance document, at the link below.

SLN guidance Colorado


Special Local Needs (SLN) Pesticide List for Colorado

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 24(c) allows States to register additional uses of a federally registered pesticide.

These additional uses are for distribution and use within a particular state to meet a "special local need" (SLN).

An applicator must have the 24(c) Supplemental Label in their possession to apply SLN products.

The following list is for Colorado only. Click on the label name below to open a PDF file of the SLN label.

Product Brand Name EPA Reg# Registrant Name Date issued SLN# Authorized Use Site
Agri-Mek SC Miticide/Insecticide 100-1351 Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC 5/22/2019 CO-190001 For control of spider mites (including banks grass mites). Grasses grown for seed
Authority MTZ DF Herbicide 279-3340 FMC Corporation 3/7/2014 CO-140001 For control of Kochia, Russian thistle, and lambs quarters on fallow land. Fallow
Balance Flexx 264-1067 Bayer CropScience LP 2/17/09 CO-090001
For Control of Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses in Field Corn.
Beacon Herbicide 100-705 Syngenta 11/9/2005 CO-05-0004 Kentucky bluegrass grown for sod production Bluegrass sod
Brigade 2EC 279-3313 FMC Corporation 4/3/2017 CO-170003 Mite and Aphid control Kentucky Bluegrass, seed production
Brigade 2EC 279-3313 FMC Corporation 5/15/09 CO-090003 Insect control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa
Carzol SP 10163-265 Gowan Company 8/8/2006 CO-060008 Insect control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa, seed prod
Comite II 400-154 Chemtura 5/7/2008 CO-080002 Mite control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa, seed prod
264-1066 Bayer CropScience LP 3/27/09 CO-090002 Additional soil restrictions for isoxaflutole Corn
264-1066 Bayer CropScience LP 1/14/2015 CO-150002 Fallow land, Kochia control fallow
67702-2-70051 Certis USA 1/29/2020 CO-200001 Disease control in hemp Hemp
Dibrom 8 Emulsive 5481-479 Amvac Chemical Corporation 7/7/1999 CO-990011 To control lygus in seed alfalfa Alfalfa, seed prod
Dimethoate 400 34704-207 Loveland Products, Inc. 7/12/2017 CO-170004 Aphids, banks grass mites, spider mites Grasses, seed production
Dimethoate 400 EC 34704-207-279 FMC Corp. 8/2/2017 CO-170004 Aphids, banks grass mites, spider mites Grasses, seed production
Dual Magnum 100-816 Syngenta 3/10/1999 CO-990002 For control of weeds in dry bulb onions Onion
Dual Magnum Herbicide 100-816 Syngenta 4/1/2003 CO-03-0008 Spinach, weed control Spinach
Gramoxone SL 3.0 100-1652 Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC 8/30/2021  CO-210001 Preharvest Dessication Alfalfa, Seed Prod
Intrepid 2F 62719-442 Dow Agrosciences 8/3/12 CO-120002 Aerial application on dry beans and sugarbeets at reduced gallonage (5 gap) Beans, dry edible, sugarbeets
Lorsban Advanced 62719-591 Dow Agrosciences 06/28/2010 CO-100004 Control of Aphids, 7-day PHI / lower rates Sweet Corn
Natular G30 8329-83 Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Inc. 02/08/2018 CO-180003 Applied in mesh bags, Animas Mosquito Control District Only Non-crop. standing water, mosquito larvae habitat
Onager 10163-277 Gowan Company 2/9/2016 CO-160001 Banks grass mite, two-spotted spider mite. Grass grown for seed
Onager Miticide 10163-277 Gowan Company 10/31/08 CO-080007 To control spider mites in alfalfa and clover grown for seed Alfalfa, clover grown for seed
Prowl H20 herbicide 241-418 BASF 1/24/2006 CO-060002 Weed control in dry bulb onion delayed preemergence Onion
Reflex Herbicide 100-993 Syngenta 12/31/2019 CO-100003 Weed control in dry beans Beans
Scoparia Herbicide 264-600 Bayer CropScience LP 1/9/2015 CO-150001 Fallow land, Kochia control fallow
Status Herbicide 7969-242 BASF 4/3/2007 CO-070002 Corn-allows aerial applications Corn
Tilt 100-617 Syngenta Crop Protection 04/11/2016 CO-160003 Disease control in grass grown for seed grasses, seed production
Vydate L Insecticide/Nematicide 352-372 DuPont Agricultural Products 7/11/2001 CO-010005 To suppress onion thrips and western flower thrips on bulb onions in Colorado. Onion
Zinc Phosphide on Wheat 56228-3 U.S. Department of Agriculture 4/13/2022 CO-220001 For control of Wyoming ground squirrels. For use only by USDA APHIS employees alfalfa, mixed grass/alfalfa fields, pastures, rangeland, and airports