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Expanding Water-Resilient Agriculture

Advancing resiliency through healthy soil programs. Hands holding nutrient rich soil.

Recognizing water's critical role in agricultural production and the increasing challenges posed by climate change, CDA aims to support producers and water conservation leaders in adopting effective water resilience practices. Through a comprehensive approach that includes technical assistance, grant funding, marketing assistance, advocacy, and partnerships, the Department seeks to maintain robust agricultural production while ensuring the sustainable use of water resources. 

Water scarcity and variability have become pressing concerns in agricultural operations across Colorado, and CDA is investing in proactive measures to address these challenges. Helping guide our efforts is the Colorado Water Conservation Board's Water Plan

Through partnerships of local conservation district leaders and grower groups, CDA launched a voluntary Soil Health (STAR+) to help agricultural producers approach soil quality improvements in ways that complement their operations. The goal is to reduce the risks of transitioning to regenerative practices and reward progress in building more resilient soils. 

In addition, through marketing programs emphasizing regenerative practices, CDA encourages consumers to support farmers who prioritize water conservation and resilience. CDA also collaborates with ag organizations, research institutions, conservation groups, and other stakeholders to foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and the adoption of best practices across Colorado and the West.