CDA Seeking Information from Agricultural Lenders on Administering Ag Loan Program

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Please note: this RFI is now closed. 

The Colorado Departments of Agriculture and Personnel & Administration are seeking information from current agricultural and other lenders who can provide insight and expertise into structuring a comprehensive scope of work and cost response for an agricultural loan program. The loan program comes as the result of SB 21-248, which appropriated up to $30 million for low interest loans and farm-to-market infrastructure loans and grants.

The state is seeking to learn what information is needed by financial institutions in order to submit a viable proposal to administer the loan program, what resources an institution might need to establish the program, and how to compensate lenders for administering the program. Any feedback provided may be made public, so respondents are encouraged to provide general information, rather than information that is proprietary or specific to their organization.

Responses submitted as a result of the Request for Information solicitation will be used to produce an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) to identify one or more financial institutions to help the Department run the loan program. Response to this RFI is not required to be considered for any future solicitation.

The full RFI can be viewed here and all answers must be submitted via email to Nikki Pollack by Thursday, September 2 at 12 p.m. MT.