Eradicating the SLF

Join the battle, beat the bug

The Spotted Lanternfly or SLF is an invasive planthopper that poses a great threat to Colorado crops. 

The SLF is native to Asia and was first discovered in the United States in Pennsylvania in 2014. SLF is currently found in 34 counties in Pennsylvania, all of which are under a state-imposed quarantine. The quarantine is in place to stop the movement of SLF to new areas within or out of the current quarantine zone and to slow its spread within the quarantine. However, SLF is extremely mobile and spreads easily both through physically hopping and laying egg masses on things such as cars, trucks, trailers, and railcars. Since 2014, SLF has spread to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.

If you see an insect that looks like the SLF, please capture it and report it to the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 

Having trouble with the form? You can also call 303-869-9081 or email cda_slf@state.co.us