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Pesticide Product Registrations

Colorado requires the registration of all pesticide products before their distribution in Colorado.

Included products are:

  • EPA-registered pesticides
  • 25(b) minimum risk pesticides exempted by EPA
  • Any device that has or should have an EPA establishment number

All pesticide product registrations expire on December 31st for the year registration was granted.


Applications for new product registration must be downloaded, filled in, printed, and signed.  As a result of the recent emergence of the COVID-19 virus in Colorado, all Colorado Department of Agriculture state employees are being strongly encouraged to telework from home. In order to ensure the Department can continue to provide necessary services and process new pesticide registration applications uninterrupted, we will accept credit card or e-Check payments and all new registration applications must be submitted via email.

  • A separate application package is required for each product.
  • Multiple products can be sent with one email and one credit card/e-check payment form.
  • Initial application processing usually takes about three to six weeks from receipt until we either register the product or notify the applicant of lack of compliance.
  • Please read the downloadable instructions for complete information before completing the application form.
  • A new registration application cannot be done online at this time.

Colorado Pesticide and Device Registration Application

Credit Card / eCheck Payment Form

Instructions for Colorado Pesticide and Device Registration Application

All registrations expire on December 31 of each year. Renewals may be processed online through the Colorado Department of Agriculture web application Ag License. Payments can be made by credit card or by e-check. In most cases, products will be renewed once payment is accepted. If you need to pay with a physical check, a renewal form is required for submission. Please contact or call 303-869-9061 and we will send you your renewal form.

Renew Pesticide Product Registrations Online (On Ag License website)

Revised labels: All revised labels are required to be submitted to CDA prior to distribution. Revised labels may be submitted by email to or, for ALSTAR subscribers, via ALSTAR. 

Discontinued/Cancelled products: Colorado does not have a "discontinued" status or requirement for pesticide products. Product registrations in Colorado need to be maintained as long as the registrant supports sales by retailers.

Changes in registrant information: Please keep us updated with any change of registrant information.

  • CONTACT INFORMATION or ADDRESS CHANGES require submission of a change of information form. This can be submitted via email attachment to or mailed in.

Pesticide Registrant Information Change Notification Form

What defines a product requiring a separate registration? According to the rules of the Colorado Pesticide Act, for more than one pesticide product to be considered the same pesticide product, each pesticide product must exhibit the same:

  • Product name
  • Registrant name
  • Manufacturer name
  • EPA registration number (for products registered by EPA)
  • Labeling

Please note that if the registrant or manufacturer name displayed on the label changes this becomes a new product that requires a new registration application.

Kits/Co-Packs: When two pesticide products are being sold packaged together or when a pesticide or device is sold packaged together with a non-pesticide, the final product is often distributed under a different product name and/or with additional label claims. In these cases, Colorado would consider the kit or co-pack to be a different product requiring its own separate registration.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture provides two options that enable the public to confirm if a pesticide product is registered with CDA currently:

1. The Department of Agriculture uses a web application (AgLicense) to manage product registrations. Anyone can obtain information on currently registered products by going to the website and selecting "Product Search" from the list on the left.

2. The NPIRS website associated with Purdue University combines CDA state registration information with EPA information. This includes information on active ingredients and links to additional EPA information. Some products will also have a link to the CDA file label.

The NPIRS website will be one or two days behind the CDA website, since information is transferred nightly.

  • Coloradoans are encouraged to only purchase and use pesticides registered with CDA. This will help them avoid products that do not comply with either EPA's pesticide registration requirements or EPA's minimum risk exemption requirements.
  • Colorado's licensed commercial applicators can only use pesticides that are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • Distributors and retailers can only distribute pesticides in Colorado that are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Colorado requires registration of all pesticides before distribution. The U.S. EPA also registers most pesticides registered by CDA. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) determines what the pesticide label can say.

The legal definition of "pesticide" is quite broad and includes products that:

  • Kill or repel insects
  • Repel animals
  • Treat plant diseases
  • Poison rats and mice
  • Kill weeds
  • Disinfect or sanitize
  • Plant Growth Regulator

Disinfectants and sanitizers are regulated as pesticides.  

CDA also requires registration of certain devices and certain minimum-risk pesticides that the EPA has exempted from federal registration requirements.