Request-A-Bug is a service that involves collection and distribution of biological controls (insects, mites or pathogens) to suppress noxious weeds or insect pests. Biocontrols can be requested by private landowners in Colorado or other government agencies. Supplies can be limited and vary from one year to the next; therefore, the Insectary cannot guarantee a release for each request submitted. There are 11 Request-A-Bug programs available.

What to Expect

Step 1: Request-A-Bug Waitlist

Join the waitlist. Don’t delay! Submit your request as early as possible. Requests are fulfilled in order of date received and agent availability.

Step 2: Confirm Order & Pay

Insectary staff will contact you by email during the field season when agents are available and collect payment.

Step 3: Fedex Shipment

Your order will arrive next day via FedEx after the payment is processed.

Step 4: Release

Time Sensitive! Be sure to release your live biocontrols ASAP or put them in the refrigerator. The biocontrol agents are ready to eat/attack your noxious weeds! Follow the release instructions provided in your shipment.

Step 5: Report & Return

Complete the data report sheet included with your order and return the sheet. You can help us continue to keep costs low and reduce waste by returning the cooler to the Insectary. Thank you!

Optional: Insectary staff can help you decide if you should place an additional order for the following year. All biocontrols should be established within a year and will overwinter in Colorado. Full effects typically take up to 3 years. Contact us.


Do Not Send Payment Now. We will contact you to collect payment and coordinate shipping arrangements in season.

Private Land and Home Owners

Fee Description Season
N/A    Canada Thistle (Not Available)    N/A
$30 Dalmatian Toadflax May - June
$30 Diffuse Knapweed July - Aug.
$35 Field Bindweed June - Aug.
$30 Leafy Spurge June - July
$30 Musk Thistle June - July
$30 Puncturevine Sept.
$0 Russian Knapweed April - May
$30 Spotted Knapweed July - Aug.
N/A Yellow Toadflax (Not Available) N/A  


Government & Institutional Customers ONLY
Contact the Insectary for Subscription Service.
Fee Description
$100 5,000 Tamarisk beetles. (July)
Includes vial of pheromone to concentrate beetles at the release site.
$0 Peach wasp ("Mac").



Outside the State of Colorado?

The Insectary works with federal and state institutions outside of Colorado. We do not work with private landowners outside of Colorado. If you are a private landowner, please contact your local state official.

Request-A-Bug Programs