Grama Grass & Livestock: a grant story

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Regenerating the land to produce food for their community is the main goal of Grama Grass and Livestock, a grass farming business that utilizes ruminant animals, specifically cattle, to improve soil health and boost forage capacity. Andy Breiter, owner of Grama Grass and Livestock, is himself an internship success story, as he began his career as an intern at the neighboring Golden Hoof Farm. 

Grama Grass herd

Through the support of the Agriculture Workforce Development Program (AWDP), Grama Grass hired intern Melissa Helman for the 2021 season. Using financial incentives provided by the stimulus funding, both employer and intern were able to support a beginning farm operation. It worked out well for everyone: Melissa is now an employee who is firmly committed to soil health and pasture restoration, providing another stellar addition to the next generation of agriculturalists.

“Andy [Breiter] was a very passionate and patient teacher. I gained a very beautiful understanding of public and private lands in the Front Range of Colorado. I now have a good working knowledge of soil health and grasslands and what it takes to help restore pastures. I feel very grateful that I got the chance to work with Grama Grass and I intend to continue to work in agriculture.” - Melissa Helman, AWDP Intern

Grama Grass herd

Producer: Grama Grass & Livestock
Location: Boulder, CO
Grant Program: Ag Workforce Development Program Grant
Grant Amount: $4,000
Business type: Regenerative grazing operation raising grass-fed & finished beef
Funding use: Internship incentives for development of ag workforce

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