Upcoming Events

The BAP hosts an annual conference, trainings, stakeholder task force meetings, outreach events, and other events available to the public. See below for information about upcoming and past events. 


BAP Annual Conference

The BAP annual conference on addressing animal mistreatment took place on February 2 and 3, 2023.

You can view the videos from the sessions below. 

BAP Trainings

The BAP is currently partnering with Sheriff’s Offices throughout the state to provide training for law enforcement on recognizing and responding to cases of potential mistreatment of equine and livestock. See below for information on past and upcoming trainings.

To request a training, please email cda_bap@state.co.us

Public Hearings and Stakeholder Task Force Meetings

Black brown medium size dog poses with his tongue out wearing a straw cowboy hat outdoors.
Photo by Adam Vosding