File an animal mistreatment or neglect complaint

Typically, the first step for reporting animal cruelty or neglect is to contact local law enforcement, animal control or a local humane society. Many of these local agencies have BAP agents on staff and resources to respond rapidly to public reports of animal mistreatment or neglect. 

To find the agency in your area that investigates reports of animal mistreatment or neglect, click on your county on the map below. In those counties that do not employ BAP agents, reports should be made to local law enforcement.

Cat and Dog
Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

If additional assistance is needed after contacting local agencies, you can submit a complaint directly to Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection staff by filling out an online form.

You may also follow-up with more detail about your complaint by calling Dr. Rebecca Niemiec, BAP manager, at 303-775-3718. 

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