Qualifying Education Summary

Beginning November 1, 2021, the QE online course will be required to be completed as part of the application process prior to any pre-license inspection for all NEW applicants.

This 4-module online course is designed to provide new licensees a comprehensive overview of basic information needed to successfully operate a PACFA facility. The QE course covers:

  • Overview of the PACFA program
  • Rule and regulations
  • Cleaning, sanitation, veterinary care, and animal care
  • Importation and transportation

The QE course was developed in partnership with subject matter experts from the PACFA licensed community. The QE course will be provided to new applicants electronically through our LMS system. 

This course will be free for any licensee and their employees. 

The course must be completed by the Primary Business Contact submitting the application. 

Facility staff may also take the course for free. We invite PACFA facilities to use the course as a training tool to all their staff. Please contact the PACFA office to request the course for staff.