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In order to help facilitate efficient timing for inspections and best utilization of state resources, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is providing the following inspection options:

Routine monthly visits to elevators, warehouses, or staging areas that store exports

This type of inspection schedule helps ensure that certificate issuance will not be held up and allow our inspectors to ‘bundle’ other duties in your area. In the long run, this may cost you less.

Individual or on-call inspections

Please allow at least one week notice, so that CDA inspectors can rearrange previously planned activities.

If you need an inspection to occur on the day you request it (or less than 1 week of the requested date), please note that a CDA inspector will make every effort to accommodate your request, if possible. There will also be an additional $100.00 charge for this type of service.

Field inspections

Seed production fields need to be inspected one to two times per year, during the growing season as required by the receiving Country or State.

Download Application for Individual Field Inspections

Grain and stored commodity inspections

In order for an export certificate to be issued, the commodity being shipped must be inspected by either a Colorado Department of Agriculture inspector or an FGIS official (for grain). USDA requires that an inspection occur no longer than 30 days prior to issuance of the Phytosanitary Certificate. Some Countries have inspection windows as short as 14 days (Turkey).

If FGIS conducts the phytosanitary inspection of grain, then the applicant must submit a copy of a completed FGIS 921-2 form to CDA or other entity issuing the Phytosanitary Certificate. The FGIS 921-2 form is completed by FGIS at the time of the phytosanitary inspection and must be filled out completely, and signed by the inspector. Declarations of inspection on company letterhead, or any other FGIS form, are not acceptable as documentation for export certification purposes.

Greenhouse crop inspections

The Colorado Department of Agriculture performs greenhouse inspections to aid in the shipment of bedding plants and other plant materials to other states. This inspection is performed to meet the requirements of the receiving state, not Colorado’s laws or regulations. Greenhouses and wholesale florists that wish to ship products out of state must request that CDA conduct an inspection.

The fee for greenhouse inspections is $45 an hour. Provided that a greenhouse crop meets the standards set forth by the importing state, the greenhouse is provided with an inspection certificate that states “the material is apparently free from insect and plant diseases which are likely to be disseminated to the injury of purchasers.” Several greenhouses are routinely inspected by CDA for Japanese beetle, and these inspections provide the basis for an additional statement on the certificate indicating designation as Japanese beetle-free.

Greenhouse inspection certificates are good for a six month time period. Inspections typically occur in March and October each year.

Houseplant inspections

Indoor plants being transported to CA, HI and FL will require an inspection and certificate.

CDA Houseplant Inspection Request

What are the inspection fees?
Type of Inspection Hourly Inspection Charge Mileage Drive Time Charge Surcharge
Routine, monthly $45 0.25/mile $45/hour (will be bundled and split with other service provisions scheduled in the area) None
Individual non-routine with one week notice $45 0.25/mile $45/hour (will be bundled and split with other service provisions,if possible) $50
Individual, on-call with immediate service requested $45 0.25/mile $45/hour $100