Inspection and Consumer Services Rulemaking

The Colorado Agriculture, Division of Inspections and Consumer Services, relocated to the Colorado Department of Agriculture campus in Broomfield, CO in November of 2018. Because of this move, an editorial cleanup of the feed, pet food, fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia rules are needed so that the physical location where relevant reference materials may be viewed can be updated to our current address.

Also, this spring the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Division of Inspections and Consumer Services, completed an administrative review of the anhydrous ammonia rule, 8 CCR 1202-5. The only recommendation is to change the address as noted above.

Comments to the proposed rule changes will be accepted through April 30, 2020.

For questions about Feed or Fertilizer rules please contact Scott Ziehr at 720-672-5325 orscott.ziehr@state.co.us.

For questions about the Anhydrous Ammonia rule please contact Leif Jacobsen at 303-963-6975 orleif.jacobsen@state.co.us.