Active PACFA Facilities

Note: 12/02/2022 is the last version of the Active Facility List.  The Active List will be updated again on the license renewal season ends on April 2023.  Please email us to obtain current license information.  Thank you.

The PACFA Active Facilities List is published in a Google Sheet format. The data in the spreadsheet is protected but can be filtered, sorted and/or downloaded. Please see the screenshots below for more information on how to filter, sort and/or download the PACFA Active Facilities List.

PACFA logo

Filter Guidelines:

1. Hover your cursor over the column letter you wish to filter. To the right of the letter of your

column, you will see a box with a down arrow appear. Click the small box.

Step 1

2. Click Sort Sheet and the Filter arrow will appear.


Step 2




Step 3

3. Click on the arrow and the Filter/Sort window will appear.

Step 4


4. Choose from the list you wish to view only and click the OK button. You may select multiple

choices at a time. Example: If you wish to view Adams and Alamosa Counties only, select both.

Sort Guidelines:

1. From the same Sort and Filter window you may sort columns by A-Z or Z-A. The A-Z and Z-A

values apply for numbers as well. ‘A’ represents zero and ‘Z’ represents the highest number.

Example sorting Business Names Z-A


Pacfa step

Download Guidelines:

1. Click File and a drop menu will appear. Select the Download as option. A second window will

appear to the right and will list 6 download options. Example: click on the Microsoft Excel

option to download as an Excel spreadsheet version.



Step 4





Active PACFA Facilities list


Disclaimer: This list contains all currently licensed PACFA facilities. CDA-PACFA is not responsible for

any issues that may arise from the use of this data, including copies made from this data. If you have

questions about a license or for general questions please contact us at