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Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

The Anhydrous Ammonia Safety program ensures that this fertilizer product is stored, transported, and used by agricultural producers in a safe manner. It also reviews storage site plans to ensure that proposed sites meet safety requirements. Inspectors conduct safety inspections for bulk anhydrous ammonia storage tanks and transportation tanks used to deliver the anhydrous ammonia to the farms.

Forms & Downloads

Complete the following steps for Anhydrous Ammonia registration in Colorado:

1. Site Approval

Your site must first be approved for anhydrous ammonia. Contact your local jurisdiction having authority and obtain written approval of your site. Your local jurisdiction can be your:

  • City Government
  • County Government
  • Municipality or
  • Fire District

On an 8.5 x 11 standard piece of paper, draw the proposed site. Include:

  • All adjacent property lines
  • Main railroad lines
  • Dedicated road right-of-ways
  • Dug wells or potable water supplies
  • Occupied buildings
  • Places of public assembly and
  • Institution occupancy (such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.)

Written Site Approval from the Colorado Department of Agriculture must be obtained before installation of an Anhydrous Ammonia facility can begin. The facility must have a final inspection by the Department prior to being filled, charged or operated. Please contact Scott Ziehr to register a new facility.

2. Site Registration

  • The annual registration period is January 1 - December 31.
  • The bulk tank registration fee is $50.00 per tank. A late penalty fee of $50.00 per tank will be assessed on all renewals postmarked after the due date.
  • The nurse/applicator tank fee is $5.00 per tank. A late penalty fee of $5.00 per tank will be assessed on all renewals postmarked after the due date.
  • Registrations must be renewed annually through AgLicense beginning November 16th each year or via Anhydrous Ammonia Application.
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