Food Security Task Force

The Colorado Department of Agriculture hasorganizedan internal Food Security Task Force to understand the impacts COVID-19 is having on the food/ag supply chain in Colorado. The goal is to keep open lines of communication with our stakeholders in an effort to identify barriers that need to be removed or opportunities to activate to ensure food security across the supply chain.

We understand that you are busy managing the changing dynamics related to this crisis, and our goal is not to burden you but any insights you could share with us about how the situation is affecting your business or needs you might have in responding would be appreciated. With your input we can make sure that issues impacting the food and ag industry are communicated to the State Emergency Operations team.

Please fill out our survey here:https://forms.gle/tBi1CbQX8j4hBfJ7A

Get in touch with the Food Security Task Force here:CDA_FoodSecurity@state.co.us


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