Continuing Education Summary

Starting in 2022 PACFA will use the 4-Module Qualifying Education course as the first CE Course for current licensees. Current PACFA licensees will be required to complete the CE course for their first QE course no later than December 31, 2024. PACFA intends to split the current licensee base to enroll in batches starting 2022.  Licensees will receive an email from Licensing & Education Unit Administrator, Becky Healy, 2 weeks in advance to let you know that you will be enrolled. 

Future CE courses will be developed sometime in 2024 for licensees to take beginning in the future.

As a requirement to maintain a valid license, all PACFA licensees (aka the Primary Business Contact) will be required to take a CE course once every two license periods after their first initial license period. The CE course will be updated every other year and will cover:

  • Any changes to PACFA statutes and rules 
  • License category-specific education on PACFA rules and regs
  • Non-compliance trends 
  • Best practices that promote the health, safety, and welfare of pet animals
  • Other relevant topics related to the PACFA program. 

The Primary Business Contact, who is the license holder and the person responsible for renewing the PACFA license, will be required to take the course prior to renewing their license. Like the QE course, facility staff may also take the course for additional training.

This course will be free for any licensee and their employees.

Announcements via email will be made to licensees to notify them when the CE course is available and due. Please be sure your email address is updated with the office to ensure you receive these announcements.

We will provide additional information as the CE course progresses. Please check back on this page and your emails for updated information!