White bryony

(Bryonia alba)

  • Over 12' long, can grow 6" daily
  • Blooms July to August
  • Flowers greenish-white, 1/2" wide, in clusters of 4 - 5
  • Fruit round, dark-blue to blackberry, with 3 - 6 oblong seeds
  • Leaves dark green, simple, triangular, alternate, and broadly toothed with a corkscrew tendril for climbing and small white glands on surfaces
  • Roots thick, fleshy, and light yellow
  • Highly toxic to humans and livestock
  • Referred to as "Kudzu of the West"


Known Distribution

There are few occurrences of this species documented in Colorado. View the known North American Distribution Map. If you are aware of infestations that are not represented, please report your sighting. Register for an EDDMapS account, then select "Report Sightings". Please include photos with your submissions.