Scotch broom

(Cytisus scoparius)

  • 3 - 10' tall and 3 1/2' wide
  • Blooms May to July
  • Flowers 1" long and pea-like
  • Flat seedpods burst open in late summer, throwing small black seeds
  • Leaves alternate, 1/2" - 1" wide, pinnately compound, dark green above, paler and fuzzy below
  • Stems slender, green, grooved, and up to 2" wide; commonly without leaves and may appear "tangled"
  • Reproduces by seed
  • Taproot up to 24" deep


Known Distribution

There are few occurrences of this species documented in Colorado. View the known North American Distribution Map. If you are aware of infestations that are not represented, please report your sighting. Register for an EDDMapS account, then select "Report Sightings". Please include photos with your submissions.