Redstem filaree

(Erodium cicutarium)

Redstem filaree is a winter annual or biennial forb that has a spreading or erect profile and is native to the Mediterranean or Asia. Part of the Geranium family, Redstem filaree grows generally from a rosette stage and can grow from 3 inches to 2 feet tall. The stems are hairy and red in color. The leaves are opposite and finely divided with toothed or lobed margins. They are pubescent, grow on short stems and have a reddish tint. The root system is a shallow taproot with fibrous secondary roots. The five-petaled flowers are a purplish pink in color and are in clusters of 2 or more. Each flower will produce five long lobed fruits. Each fruit will have an awn-like tail which will dry and split with maturity. Redstem filaree primarily reproduces by seed and generally germinates in early spring.

Redstem filaree fact sheet