Hoary cress

(Lepidium draba )

Hoary cress commonly known as whitetop is a creeping perennial that is a member of the mustard family and native to Europe. The stems, in the rosette stage, may grow up to 2 inches in height and produce grayish-green leaves that are lance-shaped. The leaves are alternate and 3/4 to 4 inches long. The upper leaves have 2 lobes that clasp the stem. The plant has numerous small, white flowers with 4 petals on stalks radiating from a stem. Seed capsules are heart-shaped with two small, flat, reddish-brown seeds. One plant can produce from 1,200 to 4,800 seeds. The plants emerge in early spring with stems emerging from the center of each rosette in late April. Hoary Cress flowers from May to June and plants set seed by mid-summer.

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