Dame's rocket

(Hesperis matronalis)

Dame’s rocket is a native Eurasia and is a biennial or short-lived perennial forb belonging to the mustard family. The flowers are white to purple with four petals and are clustered in loose terminal stalks. Flowers appear from May to August and the plant can produce seeds and flowers on any flower cluster at the same time. The fruits are long, narrow, and cylindrically shaped that contains many seeds. The seeds are small, angular, grooved, and dark reddish-brown. The seed pods are about 1 ½ inches long and very narrow. Leaves are slightly hairy, alternate, and 2 to 4 inches long. The leaves are lance-shaped with toothed margins. A mature plant ranges from 4 inches to 3 feet in height. Dame’s rocket has a shallow fibrous root system.

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