Common teasel

(Dipsacus fullonum l.)

Common teasel is a biennial or sometimes monocarpic perennial forb. The fruits are a four-angled achene, each containing a single seed. Common teasel can produce more than 2,000 seeds per plant. The flowers are purple or white with spiny, awned bracts at the base. The flower head is generally egg-shaped, with a square base. The floral bracts at the base of the head are generally longer than the head. Rosette leaves are conspicuously veined, with stiff prickles on the lower midrib and appear to be wrinkled. Stem leaves are simple, opposite, net-veined, stalkless, and clasp the stem. Mature plants can grow up to or over six feet tall. The taprooted stem is rigid with several rows of downward turned prickles. Plants die after production of seed has occurred.

Common teasel fact sheet