Common bugloss

(Anchusa officinalis)

  • 1 - 2' tall by 1 - 2' wide
  • Blooms June to October
  • Flowers 1/2" wide, bright blue to purple with white throats
  • Flower stems start out coiled, then straighten out as flower buds open
  • Fruit 4-chambered nutlet, 1 seed each
  • Stems fleshy, hairy, angular; multiple stems from the single root crown
  • Leaves narrow, slightly pointed, alternate, get smaller up stem, fleshy and hairy
  • Roots historically used to make dyes


Known Distribution

There are few occurrences of this species documented in Colorado. View the known North American Distribution Map. If you are aware of infestations that are not represented, please report your sighting. Register for an EDDMapS account, then select "Report Sightings". Please include photos with your submissions.