Bulbous bluegrass

(Poa bulbosa l.)

  • Poaceae - Grass family
  • Short-lived perennial, cool-season, tuft or sod-forming
  • 6-24 inches tall
  • Flowers modified bulbets with a dark purple base. Panicle has a plume-like appearance from the long, slender bracts attached to each bulblet
  • Flowers May-June
  • Stems and culms are erect and attached to bulbous bases
  • Leaf-blades are narrow, flat or loosely rolled, 2-6 inches tall and 1/4 inch wide
  • Reproduces primarily asexually
  • Root system consists of a terrestrial bulb with secondary fibrous roots below
  • Often the first invading species on disturbed moist shallow soils during the winter and early spring. May sprout vegetatively after fire
  • Found in areas with dry summers, mild winters, and winter rainfall. Infestations often begin by bulbets being carried within crop seed, hay, or straw
  • Elevation to 5,500 feet