Cervids Moving Within Colorado

Cervids that are considered Alternative Livestock (Elk and Fallow Deer) moving within Colorado

  1. Approval required prior to moving any animals. Approval is required from the State Veterinarian's Office(303) 869-9130 and from the Brand Board (303) 869-9160.
  2. Licensure for ownership is required for alternative livestock. Contact the Brand Board for licensure questions (303) 869-9160.
  3. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Surveillance Status submitted and reviewed by the State Veterinarian's Office.
  4. Tuberculosis (TB) certification is required. Animals must originate from a TB Accredited, TB Qualified, or TB Monitored herd.
  5. Brand Inspection is required unless animals are being moved to an alternative livestock facility licensed by the same person and located within 25 miles by the nearest passable road, or are moved directly to any Colorado licensed slaughter plant.


  • There are no requirements for reindeer moving WITHIN Colorado.

Please note: Whitetail deer are prohibited cervids