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Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Information Update on Range Riders, Budget Proposals to State Legislature to Assist Ranchers, Livestock Owners

Range riders are boots-on-the-ground support to livestock producers to help protect herds from wolves

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the Department of Agriculture (CDA) provided information today on range riders and budget proposals to the state legislature to assist ranchers and livestock owners. CDA and CPW are working on a plan to get on-the-ground assistance within the next two weeks with range riders.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Occurrences Must be Reported to State Veterinarian

May 19, 2020
Contact: Mary Peck, 720-428-0441,

Broomfield, Colo. - The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) reminds veterinarians and rabbit owners that reporting suspected occurrences of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2), including sudden, elevated numbers of rabbit deaths, is mandatory. Disease reports are identified by the county of occurrence only, and all other personal information is protected from open record requests.