Ag Education

Laboratory Services Division: Food safety superhero

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Wall-E,” you might remember the premise that green, growing life is precious and rare. Once it has been lost, the impacts on human life are devastating. Beyond the obvious fact that food provides life, if we lose the connection to how food is cultivated, it can be easy to forget that crops and livestock are themselves living, breathing entities. This means that they can be just as affected by diseases or bacteria as humans can.

Colorado Proud School Meal Day Brings Agriculture to the Classroom

Today, children across the state celebrated Colorado Proud School Meal Day. Hosted annually by the Colorado Departments of Agriculture and of Education, this day celebrates Colorado agriculture and educates K-12 school kids about healthy eating – and about where their food comes from.

Teaching conservation through experience: Camp Rocky 2023

From all corners of the state, high schoolers converged in Divide, Colorado to learn about natural resource conservation in a week-long immersive Camp Rocky experience. Throughout the week, 31 campers delved into the world of resource stewardship, learning about the importance of protecting and preserving our environment.

New Blockchain Educational Videos Showcase Ag Applications of the Growing Technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology that has seen increased use across the agricultural supply chain, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture is sharing a series of educational videos to address general questions and concerns about blockchain technology. Funded through House Bill 22-1053, the four videos are helping explain how blockchain can help agricultural businesses across the world create efficiencies and increase profit.