Commissioner Greenberg Opposes Renewable Water Resources Export Proposal

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Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg has issued the following statement of opposition regarding Renewable Water Resources' proposal to export water from the San Luis Valley:

"I have been following the misleading proposal by Renewable Water Resources to extract precious water from the San Luis Valley aquifer for export to the Front Range. As Commissioner of Agriculture, I stand with the people of the San Luis Valley in staunch opposition to this proposal. I stand with the farmers, ranchers, water managers, and local leaders of the Valley who fight every day to preserve the agriculture, ecology, community, and future of this incredible place. And I stand with Governor Polis, Attorney General Phil Weiser, Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources Dan Gibbs, and countless others who oppose  this proposal.

Agriculture is the life force that keeps our state's heart beating, and water is critical to its continued success. As we face an uncertain future due to climate crisis, we require the expertise of farmers and ranchers who tend and water the land needed to grow and raise our food. This proposal is simply a bad idea. The Valley's future should be decided by the people of the San Luis Valley."



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