Colorado Location Identification (LID) Registration (Premises)

What is a premises?

A premises is any physical location where livestock animals are managed or held which includes all locations where livestock is born, raised, marketed or exhibited. Examples may include farms and hobby farms, veterinary clinics, stables, livestock markets and livestock exhibitions.

What is premises identification number?

A premises identification number is a unique code that is assigned to a physical location. Once a premises is established and registered with an identification number it is tied to that physical location permanently so there is no need to obtain a new number each year or re-register. However, since it linked to that physical location the premises identification number will not travel with you if you move and you will need to obtain a new number for your new location. Also, if you raise livestock at multiple locations there will need to be a unique premises identification number for each unique physical location.

Which animals are considered livestock?

Cattle, bison, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, equine, cervids (deer, elk), camelids (llamas, alpacas) and aquaculture are all examples of species that would be registered under a premises identification number. Also any animals raised for exhibition may need a premises identification number.

What information do I need in order to register my premises?

We will need the name and contact information of the location owner, physical location of the premises, livestock species housed there, and the name and contact information of the animal owner or primary caretaker. You do not need to provide the number of animals or other information associated with the location.

Why is this important?

Livestock production is vitally important to the economy of Colorado and registering your premises provides us with the means to respond quickly and effectively to limit the spread of disease and minimize losses to the state and protect your animals. In addition, the ability to trace and control the spread of animal diseases helps to ensure consumer confidence in a safe food supply.

Okay, how do I register my premises?

There are two methods to register your premises:

1. Follow the link below and complete an online form. Our office will process your information and either email or call with your premises identification number usually within one business day. This is a great way to register if you have internet access since you have the ability to complete this form on your own time instead of being limited to our business hours.

Register My Premises

2. Call our office directly at 303-869-9130 and we will be happy to get you set up.